Why Garmin’s Panoptix LiveScope Will Change The Way You Fish

If you have been following Angelo and me on our seemingly never-ending deep dive into fishing electronics, you’ve most certainly seen our enthusiasm towards Garmin’s Panoptix LiveScope technology. It’s no secret that this game-changing technology has completely floored us. And now, it has taken the entire fishing industry by storm.

I’m not going to gab on and on here. Instead, I’ll “let the music do the talking”—or, in this case, the video. I will say, though, that we highly recommend the addition of LiveScope to your Garmin system for both open water and iced-over water. Be prepared for a bit of a learning curve. But try not to be intimidated—as advanced as it may seem, it’s not difficult to use. It’s more of a confidence thing, getting used to looking at the new picture on your unit.

A Short Learning Curve

For us, it was a short learning curve; we started with the stock Garmin settings and concentrated more on what we perceived was on the screen. The more we watched it, the better we got at interpreting what we saw. Now, believe it or not, the easiest objects to discern are fish, and that’s what LiveScope is all about. Once we saw fish and, more importantly, caught the fish we were seeing, the skies opened.

Nowadays, we have LiveScope showing almost 100% of the time on at least a partial screen (combo) of one of our Garmins.

Angelo test drives the all-new Perspective mode on one of FNC1’s Garmin dash units. Check out the video above for some mind-blowing footage he captured.

In the accompanying video, Angelo took a trip to a Lake Ontario harbour. He knew there would be a bunch of Salmon either about to arrive or already there. Incidentally, we found these fish years ago when we first mounted LiveScope on our boat and came up with some groundbreaking footage.

Back then, we only had the Down and Forward views to work with on our LiveScope transducer. However, since then, Garmin has added an entirely new view called “Perspective,” and as you will see in this latest video, the imagery is nothing short of astounding.

Please check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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