What to Expect from the Outdoor Journal Radio Podcast

Outdoor Journal Radio is officially making its return THIS Thursday as a podcast and to celebrate, we wanted to walk you through a few of our favourite moments from the show’s long run on terrestrial radio and give some of our new listeners a taste of what Outdoor Journal Radio: The Podcast has in store for them!


The ODJ Podcast is not just a fishing show, but introducing a podcast hosted by two of the most prominent fishing hosts in North America with any other topic would seem like a bit of a crime.

Bringing their knowledge from two lifetimes’ worth of fishing and using their connections made through over 40 years in the industry, Ang and Pete will leave no stone unturned. From interviews with biologists to recipes from chefs to advice from some of the greatest minds in the industry, the ODJ Podcast is your ticket to becoming a better and more knowledgeable angler.

Although Fish Talk with the Doc will no longer be a weekly segment, Gord Pyzer does appear in one of our first episodes airing this Thursday. A 2020 interview with “The Doc” can be found below:


Fishing and hunting are tough to separate and the ODJ Podcast is dedicated to providing a voice for North American hunters.

Thankfully, the Canadian outdoor industry is a tight-knit group and Ang and Pete have plenty of high-profile hunting buddies such as the Beasley Brothers from the renowned Canadian hunting show, Canada in the Rough, Patrick Walsh of Outdoor Canada, and many more! For a clip from our 2020 interview with Keith Beasley, check out the link below:


Outdoor Journal Raio has always been passionate about bringing conservation causes and movements to the mainstream and the Podcast will stick to the same goals. From reintroduction projects to invasive species to habitat restoration we want to shed light on all the people and projects that are keeping our wild places wild.

For a 2020 interview with Jeff Krete of Ducks Unlimited, check out the link below:

Celebrity Interviews

One great thing about the outdoors is that it connects people from absolutely all walks of life.

Outdoor Journal Radio will look to bring these people together and tell the stories of how the outdoors has influenced the lives of people around the world, including some of your favourite athletes and celebrities.

Ang’s 2020 interview with James Neal can be found below:


Outdoor Journal Radio is NOT a political show. That being said, keeping politics and our outdoor hobbies separate is not always possible.

From talking to conservation officers about regulations to questioning politicians about fishing and hunting platforms, ODJ will not shy away from asking the questions that anglers and hunters need the answers to.

In the past, this mindset has led to interviews with politicians the likes of Doug Ford who joined the show before his bid for leadership of the Ontario Conservative party. That interview can be found here:

This Thursday, Angelo and Pete interview Ontario’s former Minister of Natural Resources, Jerry Oullette, and ask him about some new baitfish regulations and how impractical ideas get passed into law. For a sneak peek of this episode, check out the clip below:


Food is a big part of any outdoorsman’s life and we always have our eye on new ways to utilize our wild fish and game. In one of our episodes airing this Thursday, Fish’n Canada’s own celebrity chef, Antonio Meleca, breaks down his methods for preparing freshwater sushi. That’s right, raw Smallmouth Bass and Walleye.

For a sample of some of the recipes Antonio brings to the table, check out the video below:

If you’re reading this, our Podcast can currently be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and just about anywhere else you get your podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to the show to make sure you never miss an episode and give us a review to tell us what you think!

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Really liked the firs Podcast. During it you mentioned a secondary contest where you would be giving away another Garmin livescope that was seperate from the current constests on the site. I was just wondering how we go about registering for it.


  2. Pretty solid effort on these podcasts. I’m sure others agree, that listening to Ang and Pete, they make you feel like they’re good friends with the audience just like they are with each other. Thanks for being here all these years.

  3. Hi, guys I was listening to one of your podcasts, and thought I would try to enlighten you on what is happening on the CWD situation in Saskatchewan. The spread of the disease is slowly spreading from the central-west area. In my area in the southeast corner of the province there has not been any cases (yet). The majority of cases are in the mule deer population, but are also spreading into the whitetail and moose population. It is spread by what the experts call a prion. To find if the animal is infected , a sample is taken from the Brain (i am not sure which part of the brain) So here all hunters are asked to send the (frozen) skull of any animal harvested to be analyzed. If the hunter knows the part to be analyzed, he can cut the area of brain (or whole brain) and send. There are several collection stations set up in various areas of the province, and the samples sent to Regina.

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