The Ontario Lodge Experience – Episode 515

In this first episode of our “pandemic” airing season, Angelo and Pete break down the many different Ontario fishing opportunities available. Everything from drive-to, fly-in, and train-in lodges, to American or Housekeeping plans, outpost camps, and more are explained. The guys explain many of the important aspects of travel-to fishing destinations, especially when restrictions are in place. As well, once the air clears and we can all resume a normal lifestyle, this is simply a great all-around guide to the many types of fishing opportunities that not only the province of Ontario offers, but the rest of the country as well.


As anglers, we are extremely lucky to have literally hundreds upon hundreds of north-country, rubber tire trips to choose from and we cover it here. Get in your car, truck or van, strap on a canoe or drop a boat trailer on your hitch or simply go “sans” boat.

If you are thinking of planning a drive-to fishing adventure, then check this episode out.

For trips that are a little more adventurous, a little more exciting, and in some cases a little more expensive…the Fly-in fishing lodge experience is at the opposite end of the fishing trip spectrum. The excitement of driving to an airbase, hopping on a floatplane, and then dropping into a gin-clear northern Ontario lake and finally ending up in a true outdoorsy oasis, is an experience like no other.

Fly-in trips are a big part of an Ontario fishing adventure

And finally, one of our favorite types of fishing adventures, the Train-in. Generally booked by people who have plenty of time to get in and get out of a fishing lodge. Speed is not of the essence on this one.


Do you know the difference between the American Plan and the Housekeeping Plan? Well, we explain what you can expect… there is quite a distinction between the two!

And lastly, on the lighter side, we cover what could well be the most important aspect of all fishing adventures, can you deal with an outhouse or do you absolutely NEED the comfort of porcelain? Ang and Pete bare their feelings (boy if there was ever a need for a Laugh Out Loud then this is it)!

Check out this comprehensive guide to booking the perfect Ontario fishing adventure!