Smallmouth Bass: The Lightweight Champ – Episode 516

This Fish’n Canada episode is all about the Smallmouth Bass. Pete and Ang outline easy-to-access bass meccas as well as bucket-list hard to get to destinations. They help you put together the ultimate trip for what some feel, is the ultimate fish.

Pete states right off the hop, that he feels the Smallmouth is “Canada’s toughest most belligerent fish in all freshwater.” Ang agrees.

During this show, they talk about the diversity of Smallmouth opportunities that are available for those that want to get out there. Starting from local lakes within an hour of your house, to extended road trips throughout the province and all the way up to a fly-in “Bass Only” trip of a lifetime.

Along with this, they also cover specific areas like the St Clair River, Clear & Stony Lakes, Lake Ontario’s eastern basin, the St. Lawrence River, Lake Temagami, Hastie Lake & Hawk Lake, all of which are phenomenal Smallie waters.

The infamous “Chuck the Duck”… and that’s exactly what Ang did after this Smallie spit it into the net

They also talk about their bait suggestions that they use to help them boat these tough, freshwater fish. From surface baits, through the mid-level and on down to the bottom, it’s all covered here.

Did you ever think about “species-specific time placement”? We bet you haven’t. Well, our boys give a great suggestion here as to when is your best time to concentrate on Smallmouth Bass, during a multi-day, multi-species fishing trip. How’s that for solid info?

Pete Bowman holds a stalky Lake Ontario Smallmouth bass

 From the weekend warrior to the hard-core bass anglers, and to those wanting to get away from it all and drop into a Smallie oasis, we feel this episode is