Short Strike Monsters – Episode 477

Last season on the Fish’n Canada Show, we featured a western Canadian lake called Last Mountain Lake. Also known as Long Lake, it is located about an hour north of Regina, Saskatchewan. The Northern Pike fishing was so good there, that we just had to return to give it another shot.

This particular excursion was a bit different from the last shoot, though. Previously, the fishing was outstanding. This time a cold front had moved in and it very much affected the Pike.

The boys again had the luxury of using a Princecraft/Mercury combo setup for the shoot through Silvester RV, as well as a fully-stocked cottage with food and locally brewed beer.


Pete and Rob had swimbaits on their minds again since they worked so well last time. Swimbaits are best known for being big Bass lures—especially in the USA. That said, a predator fish is a predator fish. So if they work in the south, they’ll certainly work in the north. And not just for Bass!

They come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and materials, all of which have their place. There’s hard and soft bodies; full bodied and jointed; hollow and solid; and finally straight, paddle or boot tailed.For this episode, Pete and Rob were throwing five-inch Big Hammer swimbaits. These are hand poured and have a unique square-shaped tail giving the bait incredible action. Rob has tried a variety of different swimbaits, but swears that this is the perfect choice for Last Mountain Lake.


A big shallow weed-filled bay was the hotspot of choice for their return to Last Mountain Lake. They knew the fish were there, but they didn’t expect the weather system to hit the Pike so hard. For some strange reason, almost every Pike in that bay—or at least the ones that struck the guys baits—would ultimately get off. Everything from single bumps, to multiple bumps, to solid strikes, to even fish almost brought to boat side. It was the oddest phenomenon that Pete and Rob had experienced.