Long Mountain Lake II – Episode 482

The sport of fishing just may be the most relaxing, calming and tranquil activity ever discovered by mankind. On the other hand, it can also be the most frustrating, humbling, and nerve-racking experience a person should ever have to endure. This Fish’n Canada episode’s location has the potential for being both. Who could argue that the Rocky Mountains and the many lakes nestled in their valleys offer some of the most spectacular vistas on Earth? If you can’t find inner peace here, chances are you’ll never find it anywhere.

Those big Lakers had his number! So, on this shoot, he’s looking for some redemption. That’s why this time he brought his lucky charm: Pete!


Shortly after touchdown at the Fort Nelson airport, Ang and Pete boarded a shuttle bus and started their venture along the Alaska Highway (which, incidentally, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year). This is one of the most spectacular drives they’ve ever been on. The winding pavement cutting through hulking mountains rising from the ground is worth the price of admission alone. Add to that the vast array of wildlife encounters that seem to be around every corner, and the two-hour drive feels like three—but ultimately feels like about 30 minutes.


Long Mountain Lake is unique in that it is nestled in the Rocky Mountains, has no road access, and it harbours Lake Trout as well as Grayling. Although at first this doesn’t sound unique, remember it’s located in British Columbia, home of the Sturgeon, Kokanee, Kamloops, Halibut, etc., etc. Until that first trip with Nik, the boys had no idea Lakers even existed in British Columbia!

“This trip to Long Mountain,” says Pete, “is a whole lot different from Ang and Nik’s previous fishing adventure in that we are now faced with mid-summer conditions, meaning different water temperatures, different baitfish movements, different light penetration, and so on.”

Angelo continues, “My biggest concern is… will the Lakers still be using the same hotspot as the last time?”

The flight in from Northern Rockies Lodge to Long Mountain Lake is nothing short of breathtaking. From start to finish, it’s the most spectacular traverse to a fishing location that an angler will ever have. And if fishing’s not your game, the lodge offers flight adventure tours that we guarantee will blow your mind!


The boys started with a trolling pass from one of the small yet very fishable rigs (Princecraft boat and Mercury fourstroke). The lodge had this hidden in the thick surrounding forest, almost directly in the area where the plane dropped them off. Once on the water, they headed straight towards Ang’s hotspot from last year. On that first pass, all the boys could muster up were a couple of small Lake Trout.

“I hope this isn’t an indication of things to come,” says Ang. “Nik and I didn’t see a fish this small last time!”


It didn’t take long for the boys to figure out where the giants were. With Angelo’s recollection from the last trip, along with some extremely helpful assistance from their Garmin sonar/GPS combo unit (in a Portable Kit), the boys started to lay a beatin’ on the big Lakers. “The beauty of using modern day fishing electronics,” Ang says, “is having the ability to return to exactly the same areas that have produced fish in the past. The problem is, the fish don’t care about all your fancy gear. If they ain’t there, they ain’t there.”

Fortunately for the boys, their electronics didn’t let them down. Ang and Nik’s hotspot from last year was chock-full of big Trout.

Pete and Ang found that trolling and downrigging seemed to be their best presentation for big Lake Trout, while vertical jigging spoons, bucktail, and tube jigs can clean up on numbers of fish.
Lately though, they’ve been doing really well jigging, or simply steady-reeling big, weighted swimbaits for numbers as well as size.

Drop one of these suckers into a Lakers wheelhouse and hang on!


“Well, as I pretty much figured,” concludes Ang, “Long Mountain Lake didn’t disappoint. I’m pretty sure Pete had a hoot on this crazy adventure. And as for me, well, let’s just say that redemption feels sweet. All that’s left now is another spectacular plane ride back through the Rockies to our home of pure luxury nestled in the middle of the boonies.”

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