Hawk Lake the Perfect Storm – Episode 476

One of the absolute best perks we here at Fish’n Canada get is the privilege to visit many great fishing destinations. Since we’re always on the lookout for new locations, we keep our eyes and ears open. About five years ago we heard of a place that sounded too good to be true. A high-end drive-to lodge with gigantic Walleye that lurk the depths of the surrounding waters? This, we had to check out.

“I met Ted Putnam, the owner of Hawk Lake Lodge, a while ago,” says Angelo, “and we immediately hit it off. Especially after he talked about the facility and the fishing.”

After that initial meeting, our team tried their best to hook up with Ted and his crew. It took five years for the stars to align, but finally it happened.


“As for our success,” says Pete, “the bad news is we only caught two small Walleye. Not too impressive, eh? Oh, but let me finish. The good news is all the rest ranged from four-pounders up to tanks!”

Our drive to Hawk Lake Lodge was a lengthy one (we live in Southern Ontario), but trust us: It’s a small price to pay for giant results.

“When we hit a lake like Hawk that has true trophy fish potential,” Angelo says, “we want all the odds in our favour. And live bait does that for us.”


And in case you need yet another reason to go to Hawk Lake: The Bass season here is open all year long. So if the Walleye are off or you need a break, pull out the topwaters and Senkos; you’re guaranteed to hook up.


Finally, for a different look, the lodge offers 19 other smaller lakes to fish with big Northern Pike, Walleye, Smallmouth, Crappie and more.

“But I’ll tell you,” Pete says, “no matter how good the outback lakes are touted, it’s pretty hard to leave Hawk with all those pigs lying around!”

With all these trophy fish populating the waters, it’s no surprise that Hawk Lake lays claim to two live release records: a 37-inch Walleye that weighed approximately 20 pounds, and a 24-inch Smallmouth Bass estimated to weight around nine pounds. Impressive to say the least.