All About Carp – Episode 511

Originally published April 9th, 2020

Carp fishing has come leaps and bounds in Canadian waters lately and we feel it’s for good reason. Since Carp “get it”, that’s finding an angler’s offering and taking the bait, followed by a rip-roaring battle, then they too should be on the sport-fish list.

We get it that some will disagree, it’s a to each their own scenario.

In this Fish’n Canada episode, we have broken it down into two parts, both on the subject of Carp of course.

Half of the show has Angelo reporting on the 2019 Fish’n Canada Carp Cup, an annual Canadian Carp live-release tournament that has become very popular in the last couple of seasons.

The other half of the show takes Pete to Lake Scugog, AKA “The Bog” in search of the unbelievable Carp population that swims in this shallow weedy lake.


Since The Fish’n Canada Show has taken over the Carp Cup, things have most definitely gone in the direction that Angelo and Pete wanted, and that’s to bring recognition to Carp fishing in Canada.

“We took over the Carp Cup,” says Ang. “Knowing that it would be a rather large endeavour in trying to bring Carp fishing to the mainstream”.

Angelo’s reasoning for saying this is due to the overall mainframe of non-Carp anglers; “They’re an invasive species that should be eradicated, not celebrated!”

We at Fish’n Canada do not agree.

“On a world scale level,” continues Ang “the Carp just may be the most popular fish out there!”

Angelo has been in constant contact with Ross Honey who runs the largest Carp fishing event in the world, the World Carp Classic (WCC). Ross has reaffirmed with us that Carp fishing is huge on a global level. He actually can’t understand why Canada still can’t grasp the magnitude or positives of Carp fishing.

“With such an amazing Carp population, especially in Ontario,” says Ross “it behooves me that more anglers aren’t taking advantage.”

Ross is right. It’s pretty safe to say that the Carp population in provinces like Ontario are here to stay. There are no efforts to completely eradicate them, so, why not take advantage.


Getting back to this year’s Fish’n Canada Carp Cup, again it went off without a hitch. The contestants all enjoyed the event and all vowed to return again.

The television episode not only shows rankings and standings of the competitors, but as well, it shows some great video sequences that have to be seen to be believed.

Congratulations go out to Vasilios (Bill) Anastasiadis and Paul Cioca with their total weight of 121.09 lbs.

To hear the winner’s radio interview, go here.

Lots of fun for the competitors, as well as the Fish’n Canada crew!



For the other half of this episode, Pete made his way to Sunset Haven on the shores of Lake Scugog, Ontario. Pete has fished Scugog in the past, for Muskie, Walleye, Bass and Crappie. Angelo, by living close to Scugog for many years, has fished it even more than Pete. Even Nik, Ang’s grandson has hit the almighty “Bog”, catching his largest Muskie to date. Neither of the 3 though, have fished Scugog for Carp.

“This lake sets up absolutely perfect for Carp,” says Pete. “It’s waters warm up quickly in the spring, it’s extremely fertile, it’s not very deep, and it covers quite a bit of area.”

From the upper reaches of the Scugog River and down to the south end(s) of the lake, Pete is correct in sizing up the lake. It covers appx. 68 km², has a maximum depth of 7.6 m and an average depth of only 1.4 m (4’7”).


For this trip Pete hooked up with Peterborough Ontario’s Carp nut, Will Muschett. Will had found out about Sunset Haven through Lawrence Bandandi, the owner of the property.

Pete and Will had stayed in touch pretty much all winter long about their proposed trip to Sunset Haven, so when the time came, they were pumped!

“Lawrence’s property is perfect for Carp fishing,” says Pete. “His dock sits smack-dab adjacent to a big flat ‘weed-free’ area, making it the best area within miles for Carp fishing.”

Pete and Will had 2 rods out on the pods for the full day. Every now and then, either Lawrence, his son Victor, or his neighbour Tyler Wilkie, would stroll down, so a 3rd rod could fill the pod.

“We caught more than enough Carp to fill the episode” says Pete. “So every time one of our pop-in guests arrived, we’d let them take the next fish… it was that good!”

In the episode, Angelo voices that the introduction of kids to Carp fishing is a perfect blend. Just to prove it, Lawrence’s young neighbour Tyler Wilkie strolled down to Scugog’s edge, met up with our guys and tried his hand at battling a Carp.

“Nothing like a Bass is it kid?,” were the words uttered.

Tyler just smiled and enjoyed.