Trips Are For Kids – Episode 437

This is the final episode of our 2013/14 season and we positioned it that way for a reason. It’s a very special episode (and one that has been a long time coming) that features Pete’s two boys, Hunter and Cole, as well as Angelo’s grandson Nik.

This was a shoot that included the whole enchilada: from the preparation and travelling, to cooking “spider dogs” over an open fire and sleeping in tents under the stars. And of course, some fishing. Did Ang and Pete bite off more than they could chew?

“A shoot of this magnitude requires lots of prep time as well as a full crew,” says Angelo. “Multiple cameras, a dedicated audio technician, et cetera. It also requires some sort of attention from the kids because boys will be boys!”

Our shoot location for this trip was Bon Echo Provincial Park on Mazinaw Lake. This is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous parks in Ontario. It very well could be deemed the perfect camping destination.

“But first,” says Pete, “a stop to the SAIL store in Oshawa, ’cause we’ve got some shopping to do!”

This actually made up a good portion of the episode simply because it’s part of family fishing—making sure not to forget anything!


After a thorough annihilation of the camping and fishing sections at SAIL, the team were in the Ram and moving out. Any trip with kids in a vehicle can be somewhat trying for adults. And these boys are no exception. Nintendo DS systems ringing and dinging, MP3 players clicking and clacking, and Nik and Hunter constantly serenading us with rap lyrics; let’s just say the park gates were a welcome sight.

With no time to rest, we had to maneuver the truck and boat onto the site and then set up camp. This should be fun… maybe…

Actually, things went quite well: The boys did a decent job while Ang and Pete worked their butts off. They even had time to hit the water for a bit of a pre-fish before the big day.

Day one ended with a swim and an evening at the campfire with a bit of guitar music. Then, it was finally “night-night” time.


The next day brought sunshine and blue skies. Perfect. After a quick breakfast whipped up by Chef Angelo, it was go-time! Now, something that our hosts have learned over the past is, when you take kids out fishing, it is imperative that they catch fish—the more the better. If they get a big one in the process, that’s a bonus; but size doesn’t really matter. Trust us on this one.

With lots of fish on the menu, Panfish of any and all sorts were the quarry. Armed with bobbers and worms (live bait is essential here), the boys proceeded to sling in Pumpkinseed, Bluegill, Perch, and even a bunch of little Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. If you watch this episode, you will see and feel the enthusiasm that oozes out of all three boys.

What a great way to end the Fish’n Canada season: a successful trip with the kids, which hopefully communicates to the viewers just how important spending time with family really is.