Pinehurst Lake: Pike and Walleye Hotspot

Pinehurst Lake – N 54° 39.445’ W 111° 24.624’

Today’s Hotspot is a tapering underwater point on Pinehurst Lake in Alberta. The waypoint on your screen will get you there.

This spot is known for both Pike and some really big Walleye. It’s a classic piece of structure that holds fish all year long. Try either casting and slowly working a jig like Ray and I did or trolling a Walleye-style crankbait and varying the depth of each pass until fish contact is made. Don’t be afraid to run a crankbait designed to dive 10-12 feet down in 20+ feet of water as these fish will sometimes suspend in the water column.

Pinehurst Lake
This is the end result of a last-minute decision to troll for Pike instead of casting giant jigs… and the decision paid off!