Did You Know? – Diverse Species

Did you know that one of the main criteria that Pete and Ang follow when shooting Fish’n Canada episodes in Ontario is diversity not only in locations but species as well? We always try to depict a broad spectrum of fishing scenarios.

Take this season for instance. We commenced the year with the gorgeous and iconic Brook Trout and as a bonus also included Lake Trout. As we journeyed further throughout the province, we added the underrated Common Carp; the ever-so-elusive muskie; the very popular and delicious Walleye; the acrobatic and downright nasty Smallmouth Bass along with its the Largemouth; then some southern Ontario Northern Pike; and ended things off with the relatively unknown Freshwater Drum.

With a single season’s fish species list like this, it’s easy to see why the province of Ontario is hands down Canada’s forerunner in fishing diversity!

Just another reason to Go Fish In Ontario.


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