Did You Know? – Northwest Ontario Fishing

Did you know that Ontario has arguably 5 of the best multi-species fishing lakes in the world?

The Big 5 are all located in North-Western Ontario:

  • Near Fort Francis, Rainy Lake‘s claim to fame is; “A fisherman’s paradise and you won’t leave disappointed.” No truer statement has been said.
  • Although Eagle Lake, near Vermilion Bay, harbors many game-fish species, it’s the Musky that is “king”, in this body of water.
  • Wabigoon Lake in the Kenora District has murky waters, but the trophy fish taken here every season make it an outstanding lake.
  • Lac Seul is the second largest body of water located entirely within Ontario and it offers a phenomenal fishery for a multitude of species.
  • And finally, there’s Lake Of The Woods, near Kenora. “Woods” as it’s often referred to, may just be the best “all-round” fishing lake on the entire planet!

Ontario’s Big 5 offers a smorgasbord of world-class, drive-to angling destinations. Just another reason to Go fish in Ontario!

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