Did You Know? – Northeastern Ontario

Did you know that the province of Ontario has an “unsung hero” when it comes to the outdoors?

Well, let us tell you right now, North-eastern Ontario is an outdoors mecca, and not just for hunting and fishing.

There’s endless miles of untouched wilderness to explore for bird watchers, photographers and hikers to name a few. See the northern lights, take a trap-line tour, or take advantage of the crystal clear night sky and go stargazing.

Heading north from Timmins, there’s the Abitibi Canyon, Moosonee, Fort Albany, and Attawapiskat. Travel Hwy 11 east to west, and you’ll see Cochrane, Kapuskasing, Hearst, and Long Lac.

There’s so much landscape and water here, that there’s always something to do!

With such easy access to this diverse outdoor fantasy land, North-eastern Ontario is an absolute must-visit, to anyone that enjoys the great Canadian outdoors.

Just another reason to Go fish in Ontario!

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