Did You Know? – Carp in Ontario

Did you know that the Common Carp is one of the most revered game-fish in the world?

Places like England, Italy, Germany, France, Hungary, and the Netherlands are among the most popular. However, Ontario’s Carp fishing in terms of size and numbers, is on a par with and often surpasses these world-class destinations.

The introduction of Carp in Ontario came by accident. It’s said, that in the late 1800s, numerous Carp escaped from holding ponds in the United States and spilled into the Mississippi River, ultimately making their way to Canada. It didn’t take long for European born Ontario anglers to jump onto the Carp fishing bandwagon.

Fast-forward to today and you may be amazed at just how popular the sport of Carp fishing is in Ontario.

Let’s face it, what other species of fish can you consistently catch from a bank, pulls like a freight train and can reach massive proportions, possibly exceeding 40 and even 50 pounds?

Just another reason to Go fish in Ontario!

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