Hotspot – Whitby Harbour Pikefest

N 43° 51.453′ W 78° 56.363′

Today’s Hotspot is the back end of Whitby Harbour. The waypoint on your screen will get you there.

As you can see from today’s show, there’s a nice bunch of Salmon that gather there, along with Pike. An alternate area for both species (and with much easier foot access) would be along the east pier, closer to Lake Ontario; there’s a beautiful walkway and waterfront area right there. Try casting and retrieving bright coloured spoons in different sizes. Vary your retrieve speed until you find something that works. Flashy inline spinners, as well as jointed minnow-baits, work well here too. If you are a spawn or roe angler, you should do well here. Remember to bring a net that’s strong enough to handle a 15-20 lb Pike or a 30+ lb  Chinook — it’s surprising just how big some of the fish here are!

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