Hotspot – New Brunswick Invasion

St. John River – N 46° 07.259′ W 67° 34.141′

Today’s Hotspot is a breakline on the edge of the main channel in New Brunswick’s St. John River. The waypoint on your screen will get you right there.

We trolled a lot of this river using the sonar feature of our Garmin looking for schools of Gaspareau, the maritime version of Alewife and Blue Back Herring. This particular Hotspot had the highest concentration of stationary bait out of everywhere we fished. By running various trolling passes in this area and using the “tracks” feature on our GPS, we could ensure that all possible fish holding areas would be covered. Remember, muskies are a peculiar creature. Try hitting them from different angles, vary your trolling speeds and change your baits if nothing is happening.

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