Hotspot – Maritime Smallies

Nackawick Stream – N 46° 01.114′ W 67° 14.420′

Today’s great Smallmouth Hotspot is on the Nackawick Stream, which is a branch off of the St John River in New Brunswick. The waypoint on your screen will get you there.

Early season Smallie angling can have the fish in a variety of moods, so a variety of baits and presentations are a must. We did really well on unweighted 4″ Yamamoto Senkos with brighter colours being the best… for that day. Oddly enough, black might be the colour of choice on the following day. Be versatile! Use either light fluorocarbon or braided line, tied directly to the reel, or tie a fluorocarbon leader onto light braid…either one will work. If you’re using unweighted plastic in strong winds, add just a touch of weight, as the bait being on or near the bottom is the key.


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