Hotspot – Ivanhoe Lake Walleye

Ivanhoe Lake

Walleye – N 48° 09.901’ W 82° 31.060’

Today’s Hotspot is the first area that Steve and I fished on Ivanhoe Lake. The waypoint on your screen will get you there.

It’s a gorgeous underwater hump or rise; a typical and perfect example of fishing structure. We had just scanned the area with our fishfinder screens and were about to run some Quickdraw passes to really refine it when the weather blew in.

This Hotspot showed us clearly, that the Walleye were stacked up on various areas of the hump. By waypointing the larger groups of fish, we felt we could have fished an expanded version of this area for 2 or 3 days. Mother nature had a different plan for us!

This is just one of many great pieces of structure, along with tons of cover, that Ivanhoe Lake offers to anglers.

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