Hotspot – Georgian Bay Pike & Rainbow Trout

Georgian Bay

Pike – N 45° 34.736’ W 80° 25.685’

Rainbow Trout – N 45° 19.094’ W 80° 06.348’

For this episode, we’re going to give you two Hotspots, one for Pike and the other for Rainbows.

As for the Pike Hotspot, it’s very close to Pleasant Cove Resort, making it a quick and easy boat ride to the waypoint. Trust us, there are nice Pike in this area, even though we didn’t score.

The Rainbow Trout Hotspot is in the vicinity of the rearing pens near Parry Sound. This is a generic waypoint, so use it as a starting spot and work from there.

We used casting as our primary fishing method for both species in this episode. Trolling is also an option.

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