Hotspot – Boys Day Off

Buck Lake – N 49° 09.161′ W 85° 07.936′

Today’s Hotspot is an extending underwater rock point protruding out from the Witch’s Nose on Buck Lake. The waypoint on your screen will get you there.

Pete and Ang first investigated this spot on a nasty, rainy day and found it loaded with Northern Pike in and around the 12 feet deep mark. They knew because of the amount of Northerns around that there had to be an abundance of bait there, too. The following day they returned and tried a bit deeper and found 16-17 feet being the magic number for Walleye. By first graphing in Quickdraw Contours with the portable Garmin Echomap, and then shading in the 16-18 foot contours with a specific colour, they could stay exactly in the Walleye zone and not venture into toothy creature water.

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