Fish Talk – Working The Edges

Hiya folks,

Today I want to talk about using your eyes to find fish—and what I’m talking about is looking at the surface of the lake and looking for minnows dimpling or shiners jumping out, two or three seagulls or terns diving into the water, or a couple of loons feeding up on the surface. Usually what they’re telling you is there’s a school of baitfish there. And what’s driving that baitfish up are usually Walleyes or Smallmouth, Northerns, muskies, Lake Trout, etc.

Now here’s the key: Don’t go rushing in on the baitfish. Always stay back. Come in slowly, drop your electric trolling motor early, and work the edges. And when you work the edges like that, picking off those big predators, you can often catch six, seven, eight, nine—have the day of a lifetime.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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