Fish Talk – Working The Weeds

Hiya folks,

Most of us, our hearts skip a beat when we come across a big bed, or cabbage weed, or coontail, or milfoil—or even lily pads. And the reason? I can’t think of a species of fish that, at some time during the year, you can’t catch it in the weeds.

But here’s the thing about fishing weed beds: You can’t just come in and make two or three casts and say, “I guess they’re not in this bed.” The key with weeds is the fish are never randomly scattered. They tend to concentrate or bunch up in one or two key, specific areas. And the only way you can find those key areas? You’ve gotta work the outside edge, work the inside edge, up on top of the weeds, down on the base—you keep picking away, picking away, picking away.

You work hard at that bed of cabbage or that bed of coontail, you’ll find those concentrations and then it’s “Game on.” Often you’ll get a limit in five or six casts.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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