Fish Talk – Stay Warm

Hiya folks,

I’m going to share two secrets with you today.

Secret number one: Some of the best fishing in Canada? It happens in the spring and the fall, during the coldest times of the year. Winter as well! Now, with modern technology and our modern clothing, we can keep pretty warm, even out on the coldest days. The one part of our body that gives us trouble: our hands and our fingers.

Now, if you wear gloves: What gloves do is they affect the sensitivity. It’s hard to feel those light-biting fish. The other problem with gloves? They’re always getting caught on our hooks. So how do we fish in cold weather with open hands? You know the wrist bands you wear when you’re playing tennis in the summer or you’re jogging? Put those on again in the spring and the fall.

But here’s the secret: Get those $1 heater packs—all the stores, pretty well, sell these things. Give them a shake, they get nice and warm, stick it underneath your sweatband. I’ll put another one on top so I have two. It’s like putting your hands on a blast furnace.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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