Fish Talk – Open Water Lethal

Hiya folks,

Gord Pyzer here, for Outdoor Canada Magazine. And I want to talk today about open water lethal.

You know, this is a trick I learned out in the Queen Charlotte Islands, fishing for Salmon with some of the top guides out there. But it works for lake trout, works for walleye, anything out in the main lake, out in the wide-open area. Maybe suspended walleyes coming off reefs.

And that is, once you mark fish, do not leave them. We know that leaving fish to find fish, one of the worst rules you could possibly do. But the more open water and the deeper those fish are, the more that point is true.

Change baits, change speeds. Once you mark fish though out in open water, don’t leave them, keep circling back. As long as they’re on your sonar machine and as long as you see them, try different speeds, different baits. Eventually, you’re going to find what works and that’s open water lethal.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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