Fish Talk – Midsummer Walleye

Hiya folks,

Midsummer Walleyes. They drive most anglers crazy. And yet here’s the irony:  The middle of summer is the easiest time to locate and catch Walleyes; they’re eating over three percent of their body weight every day.

The key is finding 64- to 67-degree water temperature. Find that and you’re gonna find every Walleye in the lake. That’s their comfort zone. Now, here’s the problem for most anglers: Walleyes, once they find that zone, will spread out. And they love to suspend—even out over open water. And most anglers have difficulty catching suspended Walleyes.

That shouldn’t be the case if you pick a minnow bait or a crankbait that dives down to the depth the fish are using. If they’re a little deeper than that and you can’t find a bait that naturally goes to that zone, take a lead core outfit or a Dipsy Diver or a Jet Diver and just dial it in. Trust me: In the summertime, it is lights-out for Walleyes.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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