Fish Talk – Cast Beyond Cover

Hiya folks,

Imagine you’re in a room all by yourself. An ultra quiet room. There’s nobody else around and someone comes up behind you and you don’t know they’re there and they tap you on the shoulder. You’re going to jump out of your skin. Well that’s what happens when you’re out fishing and you see a beautiful piece of cover (it might be a log or a stump or a little patch of weeds) and you throw your bait directly on it—you spook the fish.

A far, far better approach would be to cast beyond the cover. Cast beyond that stump. Cast beyond that tree. Then bring your bait up to the fish, and then let it fall back in. Even better yet, as you bring your bait back in make a directional change so it looks like your bait has spotted that big predator hiding under the cover.

When you do that, when you don’t creep up behind the fish and scare it, you’re gonna catch a lot more fish.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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