Fish Talk – Buoyed

Hiya folks,

I want to show you a little trick today for when you’re using your marker buoy.

Here’s one of the big troubles with marker buoys—two things, actually. First, the line that they usually have on them—the string, if you will—is way too thin and it gets knotted up and entangled incessantly. And the other thing that they come with is usually a long piece of lead metal and when you throw that over it gets caught in the rocks.

Here’s how you solve that: Number one, get yourself some tip-up line. This is plasticized tip-up line like you would use on your tip-up in the wintertime. And then the other thing you need to do is get some chain—just a long piece of fairly heavy chain. It’s absolutely amazing; it never, ever gets caught on the bottom. And when it gets time to roll it up, of course, you simply roll it up, it comes right on your marker buoy. Easy to store, easy to stack away.

When you get that big fish and you want to mark the spot, you just throw it out and it rolls over. Pull back and cast onto it and I’m onto more fish.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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