Fish Talk – Boat Positioning

Hiya folks,

Gord Pyzer here, from Outdoor Canada Magazine.

You know, when we’re fishing now, we rely so extensively on our sonar unit, our GPS. And when we see a school of fish, we hit that waypoint button and we mark it. The other thing that we commonly do is throw out a marker buoy and absolutely pinpoint that school.

Now, if folks make a mistake, backing away so far, that when they make a cast, they cast their jig right to the buoy. What happens is, as it falls down, it pendulums away. Or you’re casting a crankbait, or spinnerbait, or jerk bait.

You always want to be able to cast well past where you’ve marked those fish and you want to know that your bait is at the absolute ideal depth, about half-way into the retrieve. That’s when you want it coming by that waypoint or marker buoy.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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