Fish Talk – Walleye Strategy

Hiya folks,

I wanna talk about one of my all-time favourite fish, and that’s Walleyes. And y’know what? It’s Canada’s number one most popular species as well.

My favourite strategy when I take folks out fishing is to always start the day out aggressive. Usually trolling, maybe a crawler harness, but moving along with the boat fairly aggressively. Every time I see a bunched-up concentration of fish, though, I’ll hit the waypoint button on the sonar unit and I’ll mark those concentrations. Then when the trolling bite slows down a bit, I’ll pull back to those waypoints and start casting them. Usually, I’ll cast with a swimbait and a fairly heavy jig.

When that action slows down, I position the boat right over top of the schools, drop down a jig-minnow combination, or a nightcrawler, or a leech, and I mop up.

So start the day aggressively with that moving presentation—then mop up with the jig.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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