Fish Talk – Date Your Line

Hiya folks,

I want to talk today about dating your line.

Y’know, I’ve probably got 16 or 17 rods in the boat right now. Some have got fluorocarbon line on them, some I’ve spooled with monofilament, some I’ve got braid, some I’ve got gel-spun.

It’s important to know how old that line is and so what I like to do is date my line. One great
method is to simply take a white adhesive tape and write the date on it and put it on the reel seat underneath your reel.

I’ll tell you an even better way, though. I simply use a black magic marker. I’ve got my own symbols. I’ll put F for fluorocarbon or M for monofilament or G for gel spun; I might put 06/17 and then I know that I put that line on in June of 2017.

I always know how old my line is, what kind it is, and when it needs replacing.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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