Did You Know? – Trophic Lake Types

Did you know that lakes in Ontario are classified by scientists based on their fertility? The classifications are derived from Greek terms, and they are oligotrophic, mesotrophic and eutrophic.

The ancient Greek word trophy means nutrients, so the trophic nature of a lake describes how rich in nutrients it is. This can depend on many things including depth, area, watershed size, adjacent land use, and climate.

Oligotrophic lakes have a low nutrient content. They have deep clear water, rocky and sandy bottoms, and very little algae. This is a common Lake Trout habitat.

Eutrophic lakes have a high nutrient content and are found where the soil is more fertile and where there’s a lot of farmland. Eutrophic lakes are shallow and have murky water and mucky, soft bottoms. They also have a lot of weed growth and algae. This is the lake type that Largemouth Bass thrive in.

Mesotrophic lakes are in the middle when it comes to nutrient content. They have clear water with some algae blooms in late summer. These lakes are perfect for Walleye, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass.

With all this diversity at our doorstep, it’s an easy choice to Go Fish in Ontario!

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