Did You Know? – St. Lawrence River Carp

Did you know that the mighty St. Lawrence River is now host to some of the biggest Carp in the country? The river holds abundant food sources that allow Carp to grow to over 50 pounds, making it a true Carp fishing Mecca.

Canadians are just now starting to pick up Carp fishing. Over the past few years, the demand for specialized Carp gear has doubled annually.

Where else can you set up a stand, cast your bait, and then sit back in a beach chair and relax until your line starts screaming and everything goes haywire? Bringing in a 20-pound plus fish with a little circle hook in a Carp’s soft mouth is no small feat. It really is both challenging and fun!

Sportfishing for Carp has been popular for decades in Europe—and especially in the UK.
Every year hundreds of British and European anglers come to Ontario to fish for Carp, and the St. Lawrence River is a star attraction.

Just another reason to Go Fish in Ontario!

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