Did You Know? – Ontario Records

Did you know that more than 50% of the Canadian record fish are from Ontario?

Yes! In fact 32 out of the 53 registered Canadian IGFA (International Game Fish Association) record catches were fish caught in Ontario. That’s more than all other provinces combined.

These are incredible records that may never be broken:

Largemouth Bass, Preston Lake – 10.43 lbs.
Smallmouth Bass, Birchbark Lake – 9.84 lbs.
Brook Trout, Nipigon River – 14.50 lbs.
Brown Trout, Lake Ontario – 34.38 lbs.
Chinook Salmon, (Great Lakes) Credit River – 45.38 lbs.
Coho Salmon, (Great Lakes) Lake Ontario – 26.34
Walleye, Niagara River – 22.25 lbs.
Muskellunge, Georgian Bay – 65.00 lbs.
Pike, Northern Delaney Lake – 42.12 lbs.

Just another reason to Go Fish in Ontario today!


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