Did You Know? – Ontario Bass

Did you know that the province of Ontario has more lakes with Bass than any other game fish species? When counting both Smallmouth and Largemouth, no other fish even competes.

The “Bass Lake” list is really quite astounding and we could never cover it all, but here are some superstars:

Starting in the south and moving to the eastern portions of the province, lakes like St. Clair, Simcoe, the Kawartha Chain, the Bay of Quinte and Lake St. Francis hold huge populations of both species.

Heading to Central Ontario, the Muskoka Lakes, Nipissing, the Haliburton Lakes, and Baptiste, as well as Elephant Harbour are some of the best Bass lakes in the nation.

On a larger scale, the Sudbury, Temiskaming, and Algoma districts boast an unbelievable number of Bass waters.

And if you think that Bass are just a southern, warm-water fish, then the Thunder Bay, Rainy River, and Kenora areas may just astound you with the number of these hard fighters dotted throughout.

From Lake of the Woods, all the way down to the Great Lakes, our Bass population is second to none.

Just another reason to Go Fish In Ontario.

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