Did You Know? – Land O’ Lakes

Did you know that some of the best wetlands in Ontario can be found just a few kilometres south of our nation’s capital? The area is called the “Land O’ Lakes”, but it describes much of southeastern Ontario.

This region is virtually littered with lakes linked by rivers, all draining to the mighty Ottawa River. It is a canoeist’s paradise. There is no better way to witness the littoral ecosystem than from the water’s edge. As you float by, quietly and unobtrusively, you get to see nature uninterrupted. It’s quite amazing, really. Just a few kilometres south and west from the busy-ness that is Ottawa, into the Mississippi Valley, and complete immersion into an immense wetlands habitat.

Understandably, the stewards of this region, including the folks at Fernleigh Lodge, have set up dozens of canoe and kayak journeys with information including “How to Get There”, “What to Watch For”, and “Seasonal Information” for each route with maps and launch locations.

All the more reason to Go Fish in Ontario!

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