Did You Know? – GTA Harbours

Did you know that the Greater Toronto Area has untapped harbour and creek-mouth fishing that almost no one takes advantage of?

Take Frenchman’s Bay in Pickering for example. It has Bass, Carp and Salmon in the fall. And in early spring, the bay’s deep, weedy water produces some of the greatest Pike fishing around.

The Whitby Harbour, where Pete is slinging his spoons today, is another example of a multi-species honey hole with Pike, Bass and Carp during the warmest months, and Browns and Rainbows in both the spring and fall. It has a Salmon run in the fall as well. Here, you can even fish from shore if you don’t have a boat.

Continuing a little farther east, there’s the Oshawa Harbour with a Rainbow run in the spring; Carp, Bass and Pike in the summer; and the added bonus of Chinooks and Browns in the fall. This place is heaven for fly fishermen!

The harbour and mouth of Bowmanville Creek, just beyond the eastern reach of the Greater Toronto Area, also presents anglers with a multi-species smorgasbord.

So if you live in or around the great city of Toronto, you might be less than an hour away from some marvelous fishing — and these are just four examples! There are many more harbours and tributaries in or close to the GTA. Take advantage of them; but please remember to respect the marinas, other boaters, and general users of these areas.

Most of the harbours talked about today feature an easy-to-access boat launch at their local marina.

One of the many reasons to Go Fish in Ontario!

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