Did You Know? – Great Alternate Species

Did you know that besides well known game fish, Ontario has a variety of other species that offer great sport fishing?

There’s Carp, Catfish, Bowfin, Freshwater Drum, Sturgeon, Whitefish and more.

If big, powerful and weary fish are what you seek, you’ll love Carp. They’re found in many weedy, shallow and muddy areas of the Great Lakes and southern inland waters.

Another great alternate species is the Freshwater Drum, which is also known as the Sheephead. These fish fight like crazy and can get really big. Freshwater Drum average from five to fifteen pounds, but there are some monsters out there that will hit thirty pounds or more.

All these species and more are found throughout the various regions of this great province.
And because most of them are considered coarse, they’re unregulated and can be fished year round.

Just another reason to Go Fish In Ontario.

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