Did You Know? – French River

Did you know that the French River was the very first river to be designated a Canadian Heritage River by the Canadian Heritage River System (CHRS) in 1986?

It was chosen for good reason. On its journey from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay, the French River cuts through the Canadian Shield, flowing through rapids, waterfalls, gorges and interconnected lakes. It is a prime example of an ecosystem encompassing hundreds of fish, animal and plant species. For the fisherman, this is “died and gone to heaven” country. The scenery is spectacular and trophy Bass, Pike, Walleye and especially muskie are ever present.

There are a number of fishing lodges that share a great history on the French River, and because of the rugged nature of the Canadian Shield surrounding it, it is now a popular location for recreational canoeing, kayaking, photography, and of course fishing.

The designation as a Canadian Heritage River ensures that this unique ecosystem will be protected for generations to come.

Just another reason to Go Fish in Ontario!

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