Did You Know? – Catch and Release

Did you know that more and more fishermen are practicing catch and release fishing? This eco-friendly fishing philosophy returns fish quickly and safely to the water.

You must remember that no lake has a limitless supply of fish. By putting them back, you reduce the fishing pressure and you improve your chances for future fishing trips. It takes many years for some species to reach spawning size. The biggest fish often have the most and the largest eggs and carry the genes to grow to larger sizes.

Releasing these prime spawners helps to sustain the fish population. Here at Hawk Lake, for example, the order is total catch and release; single hooks with pinched barbs ensure minimal damage to fish so that they can all be returned safely to the water. Even shore lunch fish are imported from Manitoba! This self-imposed fishing philosophy has resulted in a series of lakes that can produce 20 pound Walleye and 50+ inch Pike!

All the more reason to Go Fish in Ontario!

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