Did You Know? – Carp: Canada vs. the World

Did you know that Carp fishing is completely different in Canada than in other parts of the world? 

The Common Carp has not always been revered in Canadian waterways and, in fact, is still considered a nuisance fish by an overwhelming number of Canadian anglers. Not native to Canada’s lakes or rivers, the Carp was actually brought here and stocked by immigrants from European countries. Overseas, the Carp is much more respected as a sport fish and, in certain communities, even considered a delicacy! 

In Europe, Carp fishing is a staple of sportfishing, celebrated for the sheer ferocity of the fight. The World Carp Classic, for example, is one of the biggest crowd-drawing fishing events in the world, attracting hundreds of competitors from nearly fifty different nations. 

Here in Canada, Carp fishing is a sport still in its infancy, lacking in industry support and limited by stricter rules like the much-maligned one-rod restriction. But as the sport gains traction within our home communities, Canadian anglers—hungry for a new thrill and the chance to be on the ground floor of an exciting worldwide trend—can look to hotspots like the St. Lawrence to hook into these mighty scrappers. 

Just another reason to Go Fish in Ontario

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