Did You Know? – Big Muskie

Did you know the chances of catching a world record muskie in the St. Lawrence River is the best it’s been in almost two decades? Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) ravaged the oldest, biggest and slowest-growing muskie population around 2005 while leaving fish with the highest growth potential unscathed.

According to our own Doc Pyzer, with the removal of the slow-growing fish, the fast-growers are now mating with other fast-growers and producing, well, super-fish!

According to Dr. John M. Casselman, a world-renowned fisheries expert at Queen’s University, if we carefully manage the population and allow the fish to grow to their ultimate potential size, we may very well see female muskies in the St. Lawrence River reaching upwards of 62 inches in length. And that is certainly in world record territory.

The continuing success of this amazing fishery ultimately depends on us. If we obey the regulations for size and limits, and use safe catch and release techniques, there’s no telling just how big these trophy muskies will be.

Just another reason to Go Fish in Ontario!

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