Top 5 Spots for Shore Fishing in Alberta

The province of Alberta is what Pete and Ang now refer to as a “sleeper fishing province.” What they mean is, Alberta is not just about trout. 

In fact, the Fish’n Canada boys like Alberta’s fishing so much that it claimed a spot on their Top 5 Walleye Fishing Destinations list.

Where Can I Go Fishing in Alberta?

“Before fishing in Alberta, I honestly thought that the Bow River was pretty much the extent of the world-class fishing there,” admits Pete. “Man, was I wrong.”

Since those old days, Pete and Ang have teamed up with Ray Kohlruss of Reel Angling Adventures and hit quite a few lakes in Alberta. And the conclusion is consistent: Alberta is an incredible fishing destination.

“My mind has been blown away by the untouched fishing that Alberta has produced for us,” states Ang. “If you have never been there to wet a line, it needs to be on your fishing bucket list.”

With a species list of rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout, brook trout, dolly varden trout, walleyenorthern pike, burbot, sturgeon and whitefish, Alberta ranks among the greatest in Canadian sportfishing destinations.

Ray Kohlruss with an Alberta Whitefish taken on a fly.

Thankfully, you won’t need a big diesel truck towing your rig or a boating licence to fish from the shores of these fishing spots. You may, however, need an Alberta fishing licence. Please be mindful of local regulations before you hit the water. 

Without further ado, here are our Top Five locations for shore fishing in Alberta.

1. Bow River

If you are from the city of Calgary, you probably know just how good the Bow River’s fishing is. If you are not from this iconic Canadian city, then trust us, it offers an amazing angling experience. 

The river contains five different species of trout (brook, brown, rainbow, dolly varden, lake), along with pike, walleye, burbot, and mountain whitefish. With this array of trout species, fly fishing is extremely popular on the Bow. But there are still a lot of hardware/spin fishing opportunities, too.

Research shows that the resident rainbow and brown trout on the Bow have one of the most rapid growth rates on any river or stream system in the world. A four-year-old trout could be 20 inches long.

It is not often that great fishing and a large city go hand in hand. However, the Bow and Calgary most definitely fit that bill.

Recommended Spot:

The Bow is a massive river, so being mobile is essential. Less than an hour from Calgary, anglers can get into world-class fishing. One of these areas is Carseland.

There is good river access just east of the Hwy. 24 bridge on the north side. 

There are plenty of options if you’re looking to connect with an expert fishing guide in the Bow River region.

2. Wabamun Lake 

Wabamun Lake is situated just west of Edmonton. Its main gamefish species list is relatively short and sweet: northern pike, walleye, and perch. It’s the large pike, however, that draw the serious anglers. The lake is located a tad over half an hour west of the city of Edmonton. Again, with close city proximity, this is another easy to access and popular shore fishing destination.

The Wabamun Lake Provincial Park is a beautiful place to not only camp but to fish. 

The village of Wabamun is also a great place to visit and, of course, to access this beautiful body of water. Local accommodations include the Wabamun HotelWabamun Lake Inn, Wabamun Shoreside Inn & Suites and the Moonlight Bay Centre.

For information on fishing Wabamun, go here.

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