The Ugly Pike Podcast: Marlon Prince (Part 1) – Episode 71

marlon prince

This episode of the Ugly Pike Podcast presents the first part of an informative conversation with Marlon Prince, a renowned muskie guide based on the Saint John River in Eastern Canada.

Marlon has been featured in two muskie-centric episodes of The Fish’n Canada Show. His first appearance was as a guide, putting co-hosts Angelo Viola and Stephen Niedzwiecki onto muskie in the 2017 episode, “New Brunswick Invasion“. The following year, he was featured in the eye-opening episode, “St. John Muskie Challunge“, which chronicled the inaugural Muskies Canada St. John River Chapter Muskie Challunge—a tournament that beckoned muskie enthusiasts from across the country to discover this remarkable East Coast muskie fishery.

Since then, Marlon has since become the acting Chairman for the Saint John River Chapter of Muskies Canada.

Here, Marlon discusses the state of this unique and burgeoning fishery. He also sheds light on issues—both positive and negative—concerning the growth of muskie angling on the Saint John River.

An outspoken advocate for the conservation of the Saint John River muskie fishery, Marlon educates listeners on the unique characteristics of the fishery (including how seasonality affects the river) and its potential.

Part two will be presented in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy this enlightening conversation with one of Canada’s premier muskie advocates.


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