This weeks boating violations and more…

Our safety expert Brad Schlorff, retired Staff Sergeant with the OPP, talks to us about the excessive boating violations that have been taking place recently.

Wildlife Urban Invasion
There have been reports of more wildlife sightings around the world, due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Are animals using the lack of humans outside to their advantage, or has this forced slow down made us more tuned in to the nature around us? Dr. Brent Patterson, Research Scientist in the Wildlife Research & Monitoring Section for Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, joins us with his perspective.

Shimano announce Phil Morlock retirement
Shimano North America Holding Inc. announced Phil Morlock, Vice President of Government Affairs / Advocacy for the U.S. and Canada, will retire at the end of June 2020. We talk with Phil about his decision to retire, highlights during his 29-years with Shimano and his efforts to keep advocating for the outdoors.

Sous-Vide Crocodile
Black Angus Blue Mountain is a high-quality butcher shop that specializes in AAA dry-aged black Angus beef, organic and naturally raised chicken, Berkshire pork, wild boar, bison and many more fresh and frozen game meats. Founded in 2005 by owner-operator Sean Kelly, Black Angus Fine Meats & Game has flourished for over a decade, and they are now a small company made up of devout foodies who are passionate about excellent ingredients.  On the menu today is Sous-Vide Crocodile.

Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada remove At-Sea Observers
On April 2nd, the Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada pulled At-Sea Observers from fishing boats due to coronavirus pandemic. The At-Sea Observer Program provides independent third-party verification of commercial fish harvesting activities. Darren Goetze, Director General of Conservation and Protection for the DFO joins us to discuss why they removed observers and how they are monitoring commercial fisheries.

Can the Ontario freshwater commercial fishery survive the covid shutdown?
With the closures of restaurants, bars and fresh-fish grocery counters, there is no market to sell fish. There is a strong possibility the Ontario freshwater commercial fishery season will be entirely lost. Jane Graham, the Executive Director for the Ontario Commercial Fisheries’ Association, joins us to talk about the economic impacts Covid-19 is having on Ontario fisheries.

Why are male Smallmouth Bass bigger than the females
The Doc is the award-winning columnist and fishing editor for Outdoor Canada magazine the best coast to coast hunting, fishing, and outdoor magazine in the country.
This week the Doc talks about northern Smallmouth Bass and why male smallies are bigger than the females.


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