On This Weeks Show – August 31, 2019

On this weeks show Angelo talks to Steven about his bungee jump experience a couple of months ago.

Dr. Steven Cooke from the Cooke Lab at Carleton University joins Angelo. When published fisheries science cannot be replicated, what does this mean? Is there a flaw or bias in the science or poor design in the study?

With a recent history of great fall weather and strong interest in fall camping, Ontario Parks will be extending the operating season for a number of provincial parks. Sarah McMichael will have an update on fall colours and extended seasons.

The Big Game Management Advisory Committee submitted their report and recommendations to the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, on a new approach to the moose harvest. Bruce Ranta is an experienced big game expert and a former wildlife biologist in OMNRF. Find out what Bruce thinks of the new approach, and how the moose hunt is managed in Western Canada.

The Amazon rainforest is burning. Experts consider the rate of land clearing and number of forest fires as an international catastrophe that will affect us all. Dr. Nigel Sizer is a rainforest expert having worked for years with many countries, to secure the future of rainforests. Dr. Sizer joins Angelo to discuss how land clearing will affect all of us, and what can be done to preserve these important ecosystems.

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