On This Weeks Show – August 17, 2019

Dr. Andrew Pipe from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, is Angelo’s guest.
Dr. Pipe will discuss the outlook for a patient following a massive heart attack, as
well as the best ways to prevent a recurrence.

Does sunscreen work and is it a safe product? Dr. David Leffell has performed
35,000 skin cancer operations at the Yale School of Medicine. He offers his
thoughts on sun protection, and the recent concern about sunscreen ingredients.

The Big Mac committee has presented their report to the Minister of Natural
Resources and Forestry on “Proposed Changes to Moose Management as Part of
the Moose Management Review.” Minister JohnYakabuski and Parliamentary
Assistant Mike Harris join Angelo, for a wide ranging discussion on the future of
moose hunting in Ontario.

The clock is ticking down on the final day of the Great Ontario Salmon Derby.
Who has the lead for the grand prize, and will there be a last minute big fish
entered today? Bill Barootes is the official weigh master and he joins Angelo with
an update.

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