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OPP Perspective On What Is Happening On The Frontlines During This Pandemic
Sergeant Kerry Schmidt from the OPP in Aurora joins us to give us a real-world perspective on what is happening on the frontlines during this pandemic.

Laurie Marcil Talks Spring Bear Hunt
Laurie Marcil
is the Executive Director for Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario (NOTO), which is the voice for the lodges, resorts and outfitters who are located in the North. Today Laurie is joining us to talk about the Spring Bear Hunt that starts Next Saturday, May 01.

Sean Kelly Talks About His New Pick Up Window
Black Angus Blue Mountain is a high-quality butcher shop that specializes in AAA dry-aged black Angus beef, organic and naturally raised chicken, Berkshire pork, wild boar, bison, and many more fresh and frozen game meats. Founded in 2005 by owner-operator Sean Kelly, Black Angus Fine Meats & Game has flourished for over a decade, and they are now a small company made up of devout foodies who are passionate about excellent ingredients. Sean Kelly talks about his new pick up window

What Are The Struggles Toronto Zoo Is Facing During COVID-19
It costs about $1 million dollars a year to feed the 5,000 animals at the Toronto Zoo, and now with the lost revenue from visitor entrance/parking fees due to the Covid-19 shutdown, they must find funds to feed and care for the animals. The CEO of the Toronto Zoo, Dolf DeJong, will join us today to talk about the struggles they are facing and the campaign they launched to make sure the animals are taken care of.

$778 million Project To Stop Asian Carp Entering The Great Lakes
Mayor Mike Vandersteen from Sheboygan is the vice-chair of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative. They are concerned about the damage if Asian Carp enter the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence. Mike joins me today to talk about the Brandon Road Project that would cost $778 million. They would like to add an electric dispersal barrier in the water of Brandon Road Lock & Dam.

Angelo Talks Fishing And The Web With Pete Bowman
Pete Bowman joins us to talk about Fish’n Canada’s new live streaming on Youtube.

Why did New Brunswick Delay Recreational Fishing?
The province of Ontario decided to continue the fishing season as normal, even with the threat of Covid-19 looming. Whereas other provinces in Canada have delayed their fishing season. New Brunswick’s Minister of Energy and Resource Development, the Honorable Mike Holland joins us to talk about what they are doing to respond to the outbreak and his decision to delay recreational fishing and the spring bear hunt.

6 Canadian Trout Experts reveal their secret fishing techniques
The Doc is the award-winning columnist and fishing editor for Outdoor Canada magazine the best coast to coast hunting, fishing and outdoor magazine in the country. The Doc joins us on this weekend’s radio show, to talk about his new blog 6 Canadian Trout Experts reveal their secret fishing techniques.

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