Moose on the Loose

This week retired OPP Staff Sergeant Brad Schlorff is feeling a bit sour after canceling his annual great white north fishing trip. Brad is our safety expert and once again we’re talking about a boating fatality due to a not wearing a PFD. He also helps us debunk a rumor that Ontario lodge owners are being charged for opening during the lockdown. Add some Mark Bonokoski and a Moose taking a dip in a backyard pool and we have the perfect recipe for… well, something. We’re not exactly sure.

Camp Oochigeas
Camp Oochigeas exclusively serves children with cancer, giving campers the chance to meet other kids or counsellors who’ve faced the same illnesses, and Ooch Muskoka is the only overnight camp in Canada able to provide IV chemotherapy and blood transfusions. Camp Ooch staff and volunteers quickly adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic, creating virtual programs to help campers stay connected all over Ontario. Chief Executive Officer of Camp Ooch, ​Alex Robertson​, joins us with the details.

Outdoor Biology Homeschooling, Computer not Required!
Dr. Steven Cooke​ is a Canadian Research Professor of Environmental Science and Biology from the Cooke Lab at Carleton University in Ottawa. Dr. Cooke joins us to discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting his field work and how his kids are helping him tag and release fish on Big Rideau Lake as part of their outdoor biology homeschooling.

Will the Corona Virus lockdown affect the Forest Fire rate in Ontario?
The Canadian Forest Service, part of Natural Resources Canada, provides scientific research and policy expertise on national forest sector issues, ensuring our forests remain sustainable and healthy. ​Richard Carr​ is a Fire Research Analyst in Edmonton, Alberta, working for the Canadian Forest Service, and he joins us to discuss potential forest fires in Ontario this summer and what effects the Covid-19 restrictions may have on forest fire activity.

Black Angus Blue Mountain
This week Angelo gives us some tomahawk tips and Sean has the technique for perfect BBQ wild boar ribs.
Black Angus Blue Mountain is a high-quality butcher shop that specializes in AAA dry-aged black Angus beef, organic and naturally raised chicken, Berkshire pork, wild boar, bison and many more fresh and frozen game meats. Founded in 2005 by owner-operator Sean Kelly, Black Angus Fine Meats & Game has flourished for over a decade, and they are now a small company made up of devout foodies who are passionate about excellent ingredients.

Salmon Cannon, nuff said.
The ‘Big Bar’ landslide along the Fraser River in British Columbia is blocking the natural migration of sockeye and chinook salmon swimming upstream to spawn. Gwil Roberts​, the Director of the Big Bar Landslide Response, working for the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, is constructing a system nicknamed the ‘Salmon Cannon’, which will work in conjunction with a fish ladder to help the Salmon migrate. Gwil joins us with more details on the project.

Fish Talk – Spawning Bed Etiquette with the Doc
This week The Doc describes the aftermath of anglers fishing smallmouth spawning beds. He also gives us a great tip for finding fish where they normally aren’t, Hint: it’s got something to do with global warming.
Gord Pyzer is the award-winning columnist and fishing editor for Outdoor Canada magazine, the best coast to coast hunting, fishing, and outdoor magazine in the country.

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