Coronavirus And The Great Outdoors

Coronavirus and Toilet Paper?
Brad Schlorff our safety expert, and retired Staff Sergeant with the OPP talks to us from the Texas Gulf about coronavirus issue in Texas and toilet paper.

Early Season Bass Fishing, Takes A Toll On Spawning Fish
Early season bass fishing on Lake Ontario, takes a toll on spawning fish. Dr. Bruce Tufts from the Tufts Lab at Queen’s University, is a leading authority on the impacts of this practice. Dr. Tufts joins Angelo for a discussion about a proposal by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for amendments to the fisheries regulations.

Health Benefits And Myths Of Chaga
Former Minister of Natural Resources Jerry Ouellette shares his memories of the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show. Jerry is now the owner of Chaga Health and Wellness. Is Chaga a natural product that will enhance our immune systems? Angelo and Jerry will discuss the health benefits and myths.

What to do on March break with the Kids
John Winters is a Retired Park Superintendent of Algonquin Provincial Park and now the producer of the Outdoor Journal radio. On this weeks show John joins Angelo to talk about March break and what do to with the kids during COVID-19.

700 lbs BlueFin Tuna
Jake Hiles is the owner of Matador Charters, a saltwater sportfishing charter boat operator at Virginia Beach. Hiles and his fishing partner set out to catch a record BlueFin Tuna. As big fish stories go, this one is a nail biter! What was on the end of his line in the middle of the night, in rough ocean conditions, and would this fish, spool the reel?

Tales and Trails of Jimmy Flynn
Canadian comedian Jimmy Flynn joins Angelo with words of wisdom from down east in New Brunswick. Jimmy says that St. Patrick’s Day must go ahead, in spite of the Coronavirus!

Ice fishing for Pike
Don’t miss the interview with the Doc–Gord Pyzer, about the monster pike that stole a lunch!

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