Bradley Schlorff Back From Texas

Cottage Life Off The Grid
Brian Nash from Haliburton Solar and Wind joins Angelo for a discussion about the options for green energy power supply for cabins, hunting and fishing camps, and outposts. These cost effective solutions eliminate the need for noisy generators.

John Yakabuski
Ontario Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, John Yakabuski, spent this week with Cabinet colleagues planning the government approach to address the pandemic. The Minister will share his views on the role of OMNRF and the challenges for small towns in Northern Ontario.

The Health Benefits Of Spending Time In The Outdoors
Hental health and addiction are serious issues with the uncertainty about the shutdown of services in Ontario. Minister Michael Tibollo provides insight to the government’s plans, as well as his views on the health benefits of spending time in the outdoors as part of a daily routine.

Bassmaster Tournament Series Suspended Due To COVID-19
Jeff Gustafson is an elite level tournament bass fisherman from Northwestern Ontario. Following his recent tournament at Lake Guntersville Alabama, the Bassmaster tournament series was suspended. Was this a good decision?

John Winters talks about the Spring Bear Hunt
John Winters is a Retired Park Superintendent of Algonquin Provincial Park and now the producer of the Outdoor Journal radio. On this weeks show John joins Angelo to talk about the Spring Bear Hunt Announcement

Jack Summers In Self Isolation After Travelling To England
Jack Summers from Radioworld in Toronto has just returned from England. How are the Brits coping with the pandemic, and how difficult was it to get a flight to return to Canada?

How does a small town in Northern Ontario react to this pandemic
The Doc is the award-winning columnist and fishing editor for Outdoor Canada magazine the best coast to coast hunting, fishing and outdoor magazine in the country. The Doc joins us on this weekend’s radio show, to talk about how does a small town in Northern Ontario react to this pandemic?

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